World-shaping Ideas

What is Twentyforty?

Twentyforty is Sustainable Creaction.

We are a project-accelerator lab, conceived and created by skilled enthusiastic  professionals, to launch innovative products and services, to marry business and ethics, to contribute to a healthier and happier world.

This is a story of three Italian aerospace engineers, friends since when attending the same University, who – after pursuing twenty years’ executive careers at different leading multinationals – decided to share experiences, competencies and business network, founding a firm aimed at executing meaningful key projects in the areas of sustainability and quality services.

Twentyforty: the passion of the twenties, the experience of the forties.

Why Twentyforty?


We know what and we know how

Having directed/executed businesses at several leading multinationals and trusting in continuous learning and hands-on experience, we know what people want, and we know how to successfully design, develop and market products and services.

We are inclusive and broad-minded

Having spent many years in opening/developing new markets, and having lived in many regions of the world, we love diversity, and we match international best practices with a lively approach to life and work.

We pursue viability and sustainability

Having managed complex businesses, our growth vision is grounded on solid plans and on strong financials. We pursue a rigorous step-by-step business approach, with specific milestones and clear targets.

We combine inspiration and perspiration

Having experienced success and fail, we know that great business comes from careful planning and diligent execution. We deep dive on data and we work hard, hands-on, till the final result.

We respect and we earn respect

Having established strong relations all over the world, we know that trustworthiness and friendship are the most important gifts in business and in life.

We focus on:


We are working on other exciting initiatives, involving our global network in projects and ideas that we will launch and execute over time.

Investors and companies interested to make sustainable creaction  with us are welcome.