Clean energy


breathable world, working at full speed, powered by clean energies.

Twentyforty is teaming up with leading companies to generate and supply electricity coming from renewable sources.

We will open our services to both private consumers and small/medium businesses.

We are setting-up a solid structure, with skilled, enthusiastic professionals, for providing quality energy and guaranteeing top-level, warm assistance to our clients.

Convenience, simplicity and reliability are our mantra. 

Choose our energy: you will get the best, with a smile. 

Global sustainable mobility


Vibrant cities and great touristic areas, where people move fast, whenever and wherever they like, with total peace of mind and no pollution around.

Twentyforty is launching an easy and affordable service for global mobility through electric bikes, capable to assure unlimited charge.

We permanently solve the issue of battery autonomy/battery charge/battery life, with complete tranquility and ease of use for the riders.

We are deploying our service in major cities and renowned touristic areas across the world. We are establishing technical, commercial and comarketing  partnerships with iconic brands that are excited to make the world a sweeter place with us.

Students, professionals, commuters, tourists, couriers, healthy-life enthusiasts will experience this fancy revolution soon.

System integration


Industrial technologies integrated for boosting the performance of your company and enhancing your profitability.

Combining hydraulic and electric solutions is a reality in several sectors, like energy, packaging, food & beverage, plastic.

Twentyforty brings to the market more than twenty years of shareholders’  experience, helping customers to increase performances without huge investments.

Here are some examples of our expertise:

– Gas and steam turbine control optimization
– Automation of packaging plant
– Transformation of mechanical presses into electro-hydraulic presses
– Customized manifolds
– Customized Hydraulic Power Unit
– Hydrogen Generator Systems
– Nitrogen Generator System

Our systems are able to work under standard and hazardous conditions.

Innovative consumer products


A universe of beautiful, functional products.

Twentyforty creates, develops and markets innovative products that will make our lives easier.

All our applications feature nice Italian design.

They combine affordability, functionality and beauty, solving real problems in everyday’s individual/family/business life.